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 Prizegiving & Titleholders 2019

The annual prizegiving after morning tea and some play on Tues September 10th. This was also the final day of the winter season. All awards are listed below.


The Officials

Terry (Treasurer), Peter (Announcer), Jean (presenter)

Ladies Singles

Anita Bhasin

also Inter Club most successful Lady player

Ladies Singles Runner Up

Jean, Avis Gardner

Plate Winner Ladies Singles

Jean, Mrin Perinpanayagam

Plate Runner Up Ladies Singles

Janet Shrive

Open Singles Winner

Kaz Witko, Jean

Kaz also inter cub most successful Man player

Open Singles Plate

Jean, Chris Janes

Open Singles Plate Runner Up

John van der Kaa

Doubles Winners

Kaz Witko, Pam Cassells

Doubles Plate Runner Up

Raewyn Siu & Kayren Smith

Most Valued Members

Kevin Gardner & Avis Gardner

Kevin also Most Improved Player

List of All 2019 Titleholders:   Winner Runner Up
Open Singles  (The Radford Cup) Kaz Witko Roger Pedersen
   Plate    Chris Janes John van der Kaa
Ladies Singles (The TDMTTC Cup) Anita Bhasin Avis Gardner
  Plate     Mrin Perinpanayagam Janet Shrive
Doubles (The Ross Cup) Kaz Witko & Pam Cassells Chris Janes & Robert Young
  Plate    Robin Radford & Margaret Hepworth Raewyn Sue & Kayren Smith
Most Improved Player  (The TDMTTC Cup) Kevin Gardner  
Most Valued Member (The Margaret Mason Cup) Avis Garner & Kevin Gardner  
Inter Club
Most successful member
Men: Kaz Witko                     Women: Anita Bhasin  

page updated: 13-Sep-19