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 Prizegiving 2018

Some play, some morning tea and then the annual prizegiving.  Some recipients were not present and their awards are listed below.


L/R: Terry Roche (treasurer), Pradrip Manchanda (Club Captain -Awards presenter), Graeme Munro (announcer)

Pradrip (presenter) & Avis Gardner

Ladies Singles Winner

Pradrip (presenter) & Mrin Perinpanayagam

Runner up Ladies Singles &
Most successful lady interclub player

Kaz Witko

Open Singles Winner

Most successful male interclub player

Peter Highsted

Runner up Open Singles

Pradrip (presenter) & Maarten Romijn
+ (absent Upali Salpadoru)

Doubles Winners


Pam Cassells & Kaz Witko

Runners up Doubles

Pradrip (presenter), Helen Painter & Peter Highsted

Doubles Plate Winners

Avis Gardner & Elizabeth Rees

Runners up Doubles Plate

Lambert Anderson

Most Improved Player

Club members at prizegiving

Some of those at morning tea
Absent for prizegiving:

Patsey Madigan:  Plate winner

Janet Shrive: Plate Runner up

Upali Salpadoru: Doubles wnnier with Maarten Romijn

Cheryl Ransom:  Most Valued Member:(For previous service).

John Norton:
Winner Plate Doubles with Joe ten Brooke

Joe ten Brooke: Runner up open singles plate

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