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Prizegiving 2017

Some play, a nice morning tea, some announcements and a joke or two preceeded the annual prizegiving for the clubs championships.

The presenters this year were, as announced, long serving members originating from the later part of last century!

Ladies Singles Winner
(Radford Cup)

L/R: Anita Bhasin, Pam (The presenter)

Ladies Plate Winner

L/R: Raewyn Siu, Jean (The presenter)

Ladies Singles Plate Runner Up

Janet Shrive

Open Singles

L/R: Maarten Romijn (winner), Peter Highsted (R/U)

Open Singles Plate

L/R: Pam, Kaz Witko (winner), Jean

Kaz also Interclub Men most successfull

Open Singles Plate Runner Up

L/R: Pam, John Norton (winner), Jean

Open Doubles
(The Ross Cup)

L/R: Pam, Upali Salpadoru, Kaz Witko (winners), Jean

Open Doubles Runner Up

L/R: Barbara Russell, Robin Radford

Open Doubles Plate

L/R: Terry (presented), John van der Ka, Patsey Madigan

Open Doubles Plate R/U

L/R: Kevin Gardner, Helen Painter

Most Valued member
(The Margaret Mason Cup)

L/R: Ernest Perera, Joe ten Brooke

Interclub most successfull - Ladies

L/R: Pam (Presenter), Jean Radford

The officiating Four

L/R: Graeme Munro (secretary), Pam Wynne-Jones,
Jean Radford
(presenters), Terry Roche (MC)

Most Improved Player

L/R: Pam, Brenda Stickley, Jean

Present at the prizegiving

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