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2016 Christmas Trip & Lunch

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Well – surprise surprise. It was not a surprise that Cheryl came up with a new idea. It was based on a comment from Avis and Kevin Gardner of a successful visit organised by their Probis Club. “A visit to and lunch at the Rimutaka Prison.”

First some games of TT at the club incorporating some unusual equipment - plates, tennis ball and little bats - one in each hand. Then a bus trip from Tawa, welcome by prison staff, a very nice pork roast meal served up by some prison guests and then a tour (all seated in the bus) around the prison with an explanation by a senior prison officer. Very well done. Well attended by 41 club members.      (Bottom of page 2 for some stuff on prison life).

A Plate!!!!

Wrong Ball!!!

Single little ones!

Two bats make One?

Who lost the handle then??

Its it the bottom r/h corner!

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